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Veteran Journalist Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews Appointed President of CBS News, Addressing Concerns of Vaping CBD Among Young People

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In a significant development within the world of news broadcasting, veteran journalist and news executive Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews has been appointed as the President of CBS News. With over 30 years of experience at CBS News, Ciprian-Matthews has held several leadership positions, including Executive VP for Newsgathering. She will now have top editorial oversight for CBS News across all platforms, including CBS News Radio, programs, bureaus, global newsgathering, streaming, and digital editorial. Additionally, she will be responsible for standards and practices, special events, politics, elections and surveys, social issues, and the race and culture unit. This promotion comes as Wendy McMahon assumes the role of President/CEO of CBS News and Stations and CBS Media Ventures.[0]

Ciprian-Matthews has had a long and successful career at CBS News.[1] Prior to her most recent role as Executive VP for Newsgathering, she served as Senior VP of News Administration and VP of News.[2] She has also held positions such as CBS News Foreign Editor, Senior Broadcast Producer for the “CBS Evening News,” and Senior Producer for CBS News' foreign coverage.[3] Her extensive experience and expertise make her an ideal candidate for the role of President of CBS News.

In her new position, Ciprian-Matthews will oversee all aspects of CBS News, ensuring high-quality journalism and maintaining the network's reputation as a trusted source of news. This includes overseeing all CBS News programs, bureaus, global newsgathering, streaming, and digital editorial. She will also be responsible for setting and maintaining standards and practices, organizing special events, covering politics and elections, conducting surveys, addressing social issues, and managing the race and culture unit. Furthermore, she will have oversight of CBS News Radio.

CBS News has expressed confidence in Ciprian-Matthews' ability to lead the organization and maintain its high standards of journalism. Her extensive experience and track record of success make her an excellent choice for this crucial role. With her leadership, CBS News will continue to provide accurate, timely, and comprehensive news coverage across all platforms.

In other news, a recent study has highlighted the prevalence of vaping CBD among e-cigarette users, particularly among students. The study, conducted as part of the 2022 National Youth Tobacco Survey, found that more than 1 in 5 students who use electronic cigarettes had vaped CBD. CBD, a component of marijuana that does not produce a high like THC, was found to be popular among e-cigarette users.[4] The study also found that there was a positive link between vaping frequency and duration with current vaping of CBD.[5] Educating adolescents about the potential health risks associated with vaping CBD could help decrease its use among young people.

The increase in cannabis vaping among adolescents in the United States has become a cause for concern. Availability, ease of use, and discreetness of vaping devices have contributed to this rise in popularity.[5] Health experts warn that there can be serious risks involved in vaping CBD, and it is important to educate young people about the potential dangers.[5]

In conclusion, the appointment of Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews as President of CBS News marks a significant milestone in the broadcasting industry.[6] With her extensive experience and leadership skills, Ciprian-Matthews is well-equipped to oversee all aspects of CBS News and maintain its high standards of journalism. Additionally, the prevalence of vaping CBD among young people is a growing concern that requires attention and education. By raising awareness about the risks associated with vaping CBD, steps can be taken to reduce its use among adolescents.

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