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Leadership Changes at CBS News and the Importance of Responsible Regulation in the Cannabis Industry

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In recent news, Wendy McMahon has been appointed as the new president and chief executive officer of CBS News, the network's local TV stations, and CBS Media Ventures. This announcement came after the departure of Neeraj Khemlani, who was the co-president of CBS News and stations. Wendy McMahon, who previously served as the co-president of CBS Television Stations and CBS News Digital divisions, is now set to take over the responsibilities of running the News division.

This transition comes as CBS looks to make changes in its leadership and management. Wendy McMahon, a 30-year veteran of CBS News, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new role. As EVP/Newsgathering, she will now have top editorial oversight for the unit across all platforms.

The appointment of Wendy McMahon highlights the importance of strong leadership in the news industry.[0] With the ever-changing media landscape and the rise of digital platforms, it is crucial for news organizations to have leaders who can navigate these challenges and adapt to the evolving needs of audiences.

In addition to the leadership change at CBS News, there have been recent developments in the cannabis industry. The federal legalization of hemp under the 2018 Farm Bill has brought attention to the use of CBD and other derivatives. While much focus has been on CBD, the legalization of hemp also decontrolled other derivatives, including delta-8 THC and THC-O-acetate. This has led to an explosion of unregulated hemp-derived products that can be intoxicating.

The broad definition of hemp in the 2018 Farm Bill has raised concerns about the safety and regulation of these products. Michael Bronstein, President of ATACH, warns that these products are marketed to consumers outside of a regulated system and can appeal to and be accessed by youth. The safety profile of these products is not yet known, and there is a need for further research and regulation in this area.

The use of cannabis products containing THC is still not legal in all U.S. states.[1] However, the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the production and sales of hemp-derived CBD containing up to 0.3% THC. Among youth, inhalation through e-cigarettes and similar devices is the most popular mode of CBD consumption.[1]

As we move forward, it is essential for policymakers and regulators to address the concerns surrounding the legalization and regulation of cannabis and its derivatives. The safety and well-being of consumers, especially young people, should be a top priority.

In other news, embattled CBS News co-president Neeraj Khemlani is stepping down from his role at the company. Khemlani's tenure was marked by clashes with high-profile anchors and HR complaints. Variety reports that Khemlani will be moving on to a new chapter with a multi-year, multi-platform first-look deal with the corporation to develop content such as documentaries, scripted series, and books for Simon & Schuster.

Khemlani's departure comes after a “360 performance review” initiated by CBS in 2022. This review focused on how Khemlani interacts with women and employees of color.[2] The results of the review have not been made public, but it is clear that there were concerns regarding his behavior and management style.

Overall, these recent developments in the media and cannabis industries highlight the importance of effective leadership, responsible regulation, and the need for transparency and accountability. As the landscape continues to evolve, it is crucial for organizations to adapt and prioritize the well-being of their employees and consumers.

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